California Workforce Legislation and Policy

CWA Executive Director Bob Lanter gave testimony to the Assembly JEDE Committee on 2/14/2017. Click here to see the hearing!

CWA is on the forefront of tracking legislation and policy in California, and this is the depository where you can find all legislation and state directives around workforce development, with analysis and public comment on those items where applicable.

CWA Sponsored Legislation

AB 1111 Removing Barriers to Employment Act
Primary Sponsor: Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D)

Between current openings and baby boomer retirements, California businesses expect to have 4.4 million middle skill job openings in the next decade. Where is California going to find the talent to fill the need?

AB 1111 suggests that the talent is waiting right here in our own backyard, waiting to be tapped. Disconnected populations and populations with barriers to employment comprise a large amount of California’s potential workforce. It is not just a social imperative that we help these people enter into the skilled workforce, but an economic imperative as well.

This bill would develop a grant program that Workforce Boards and Community-Based Organizations would join forces to apply for. The object? To break barriers to gainful employment and help fill business needs. See our infographic to the right for more information.

California Legislation We’re Following

We will be filling this page out as bills come through. For a full list of our watched bills, including bills on our watch list, please join CWA now!


The regions of California have come together with their regional partners to solve large issues that stifle economic growth in a project called Slingshot.

To see details on Slingshot, as well as other statewide initiatives, please click here

Government Resources

CWA keeps tabs on the websites of all of the important California and federal players in workforce development on our Government Resources page.

To view the page, please click here

Governor’s signature on AB 1149

Governor’s signature on AB 1149

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 28, 2017 Contact: Eric Flores (916) 325-1610 Governor Jerry Brown signs AB 1149: Workforce Investment Boards by Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula Sacramento, CA. – The California Workforce Association (CWA) announces that Governor Brown...

CWA Bill Report – June, 2017

CWA Bill Report – June, 2017

• AB 1111 (CWA sponsored, Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia) - This bill would enact the Removing Barriers to Employment Act, which would require the California Workforce Development Board to work with the Employment Development Department to create a grant program to...

AB 1111 Passes Assembly Appropriations

AB 1111 Passes Assembly Appropriations

This morning, AB 1111 was passed on an A roll call (unanimous support) by the Assembly Appropriations committee, and will go to the Assembly floor. CWA and our partners and members have now officially progressed further towards the goal of this bill than 2642 did last...

News on White House Budget Proposal

News on White House Budget Proposal

Earlier this week, Donald Trump submitted his detailed budget proposal to Congress. Trump’s ‘Skinny Budget’ from March highlighted the President’s goal of adding nearly $55 billion to the Department of Defense budget at the expense of equal cuts to federal domestic...

In partnership with state associations across the country and the U.S. Conference of Mayors' Workforce Development Council, CWA is proud to present This site will serve as the hub for the structured communications campaign that the system...

Federal Update 5-18-17

Federal Update 5-18-17

From the desk of Chris Andresen in Washington DC: The House Ed and Workforce Committee unanimously approved the Perkins-CTE Reauthorization unanimously yesterday. There were very few amendments; two were withdrawn and I have attached the substitute amendment that made...

Level Funding in FY17 for Major Workforce System Programs

Level Funding in FY17 for Major Workforce System Programs

The final FY17 LHHS Appropriations Bill contains level funding from FY16 – FY17. Click here to see the exact numbers: FY17 LHHS Title I (1). The House number prevailed in the end. Apprenticeships also received a $5 million increase to $95 million. Title II at Dept. of...

Workforce Effectiveness – Real System ROI

Workforce Effectiveness – Real System ROI

Economists and the stock market have been celebrating the low unemployment rate indicating the United States has achieved a sustained period of full employment. However, in communities across the country, there are Americans who are either underemployed or stuck in...

CWA’s State Bill Positions – April

SUPPORT AB 376 (Chavez) – Summary: Would, by July 1, 2018, require the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, the California Department of Veterans Affairs, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture, in consultation with the United States...

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