• AB 1111 (CWA sponsored, Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia) – This bill would enact the Removing Barriers to Employment Act, which would require the California Workforce Development Board to work with the Employment Development Department to create a grant program to provide funds to local workforce development boards and community-based organizations working in partnership on proposals that will address the needs of persons who have multiple barriers to employment, to prepare them for training, apprenticeship or employment opportunities that will lead to self-sufficiency and economic stability. This program would increase the talent pool for businesses who are having difficulty finding qualified candidates to hire.
o Next steps: bill is to be heard in Senate Labor and Industrial Relations on July 12.

• AB 1149 (CWA sponsored, Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula) – adds more flexibility to the state law requiring that Local Workforce Development Boards spend 30 percent of their Adult and Dislocated WIOA formula funds to provide training services to WIOA eligible individuals. The changes encourage the formation of local and regional partnerships that will align workforce training and employment programs currently operating in silos at the local level
o Next steps: passed Senate Labor and Industrial Relations. Referred to Senate Appropriations.

• AB 316 (CWA Neutral, Assembly Member Marie Waldron) – Similar to our Breaking Barriers Bill in its goal, the larger, continuous appropriation from the general fund leads us to support the purpose, but not the mechanism of this bill.
o Next Steps: on Assembly Appropriations suspense file.

• AB 579 (CWA supported, Assembly Member Heath Flora) establishes a new pre-apprenticeship program under DAS in conjunction with Cal-JAC to serve underrepresented groups.
o Next Steps: to be heard in Senate Governmental Organization on 6/27/17

• AB 1068 (CWA supported, Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher) Provides bid preferences for contract applicants employing ex-felons during a CALPIA (CA prison industry authority) procurement process.
o Next steps: to be heard on 6/27/17 in Senate Public Safety

• AB 1336 (CWA neutral, Assembly Member Kevin Mullin)- requires the CWDB to develop a dashboard for the workforce development system, examining labor market data to assess programmatic impacts.
o Next steps: Referred to Senate Appropriations

• AB 376 (CWA supported, Assembly Member Rocky Chavez)- Establishes partnership with USDA and the United States Farm Service Agency to post information regarding federal assistance to US veterans entering farming and/or ranching careers.
o Next steps: Referred to Senate Appropriations

• AB 916 (CWA informally opposed, Assembly Member Sharon Quirk-Silva)- Adds a requirement to state code that local workforce board local plans include directives on serving new ways of working, including sole proprietorships, collectives, and others.
o Next steps: bill pulled by author

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