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Resources to up-skill today's workforce professional

Welcome to the California Workforce Association’s Capacity Zone

This page was developed to provide valuable resources for today’s workforce professional. From cutting edge webinars to PowerPoint slides, hand outs and links to workforce resources and websites, the Capacity Zone reflects the partnership between the California Workforce Association, California Workforce Development Board, California Employment Development Department, California Department of Rehabilitation, Employment Training Panel, Foundation for California Community Colleges, USDOL and many more workforce partnerships throughout California and beyond.

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Beyond the Capacity Zone…

Is There California Capacity Training That Our Organization Can Bring To Our Area’s? As a Member of the California Workforce Association we offer additional workforce capacity training offering through our California Training Institute (CTI) Click Here for the CTI Webpage.

In addition to the CWA Capacity Training, CWA is partnering with California Department of Rehabilitation, California Employment Development Department and the California Workforce Development Board to bring focused regional training in late 2017 thru Spring of 2019. The training will be facilitated by individual partners on providing services to individuals with barriers to employment, including people with disabilities throughout California. Link to the upcoming training and session information is coming soon! 9/28/17

Capacity Zone Featured Webinars

Quarterly we will feature webinars that are focusing on top workforce challenges and issues. They highlight best practices, and feature top workforce professionals in their field.

How to serve English Language Learners, Immigrants and Refugees in Workforce
with Erica Bouris Ph.D. from International Rescue Committee

Click Here For Info About the Webinar & Link

Click Here for PDF of CWA ELL Immigrants and Workforce Webinar Presentation

How to Serve Farmworkers and Rural Communities in the Workforce System
Webinar Presentation by: Stewart Knox, Employment Training Panel & Diane Walton, U.S. Department of Labor 

Click Here For Info About the Webinar & Link

Click Here for the PDF Slides – How to Serve Farmworkers and Rural Communities in the Workforce System Slides

Capacity Zone Categories

Below are the future categories of the CWA Capacity Zone. We are currently under construction – check back soon for the full launch of these sections. 9/28/2017

Capacity for Executives

Coming Soon!

Workforce Technology

Coming Soon!

Capacity for WDP’s

Coming Soon!

Breaking Barriers

Coming Soon!

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