CLICK HERE for WORKCON Draft Agenda (updated 04/19/2017, subject to change)

Keynote Address
“Why It Matters”

Joe Xavier,
Director, California Department of Rehabilitation

Joe Xavier has a profound understanding of the barriers individuals with disabilities face to gain meaningful employment. Near and dear to his heart are the partnerships DOR has developed with their stakeholders, businesses and communities that deliver services and offer opportunities that support their customers.

“Unlocking Social Mobility through Career Pathways”

Dr. Anne M. Kress, President, Monroe Community College,Rochester, New York

Since 2009, Anne M. Kress has served as president of Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York.  Her career spans nearly 30 years in higher education with special interests in topics relating to student access and success, global education, workforce development, technology, and the intersection between traditional liberal education and essential 21st century learning outcomes.

“Moving Beyond the Status Quo”

Larry Robbin, Robbin & Associates

As the Conference concludes, we are pleased to have one of the legends of workforce development, Larry Robbin, share his thoughts on how all partners can create a more coherent approach that plays to our strengths as a system, and moves us over and around the obstacles that have served to maintain our funding and programmatic silos. Larry is offering two training in April for more info: CLICK HERE FOR DATES & DETAILS

“The Six Words That We Should Use Again”

Walter Di Mantova, Principal, Liminal Futures

This keynote focuses on just two things: how and why these terms are no longer valid in the face of our shared, forward-facing challenges and what alternative words—and the concepts behind them — we can use to direct our preparing and doing.