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Workforce During COVID-19 Emergency Response

General Program Management

  • English Language Learners Navigator Initiative – A collection of resources developed by local partnerships serving English learners, including outreach materials in multiple languages, program flow charts, and lessons from the first round of ELL Co-Enrollment pilots are available on the CA WDB website.

Additional Resources

  • Opening Doors of Opportunity – The full evaluation of the ELL Co-Enrollment Navigator Pilot of 2017-2018 can be found here or by clicking the link below. This report details the site teams and their programs while highlighting best practices from the implementation teams and suggestions for the future. (For the link, use the PDF titled ELL-Navigator-Final-Evaluation-May-2019)
  • A new report by the National Skills Coalition helps make the case for changing policy and building partnerships to serve English learners. The report explores racial and ethnic disparities in attainment and access; systemic barriers to equitable workforce training and quality employment, and why advancing equity is a moral imperative. To learn more, read NSC’s new publication, “The Roadmap for Racial Equity: An imperative for workforce development advocates.”
  • Strategic Co-enrollment – Unified Plan Partners – This policy provides the guidance and establishes the procedures regarding California’s strategic co-enrollment. While this policy is not a mandate, this strategy is highly encouraged and supported under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the California Unified Strategic Workforce Development Plan (State Plan).
  • Work in Crisis: A Leadership Workshop for Workforce Development