The final FY17 LHHS Appropriations Bill contains level funding from FY16 – FY17. Click here to see the exact numbers: FY17 LHHS Title I (1). The House number prevailed in the end. Apprenticeships also received a $5 million increase to $95 million.

Title II at Dept. of Education with CTE and Adult Ed were also level funded compared to FY16 (this was expected based on draft bills). Please look here for the FY17 LHHS Title II Adult Ed numbers.

Thank you all for your efforts in driving letter writing campaigns and speaking to legislators. The budget talks are going to begin in earnest and last through the fall, and that is where CWA will be focusing our efforts. But this is great news, and it is due to your efforts that we can say that we at least maintained funding for another year.

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