This document is a broad summary of the results of the election, potential impacts on the system, and an early look at potential activities for CWA. We will continue to update as details come in.

Presidential Election and Leadership
The election of Donald Trump as President sparked turmoil in overnight markets and political establishments but following his victory speech, Trump showed a different tone. The centerpiece to Trump’s campaign has been the economy and job creation, which puts us in a potentially decent position. CWA will work with partners to reach out to the transition team as it is formed. The main opportunity will be with the CA congressional delegation on forthcoming legislative proposals that deal with job creation, workforce education/training, apprenticeships, CTE, and other shared goals.

The leadership on the Senate HELP Committee is unlikely to change with Senator Lamar Alexander as Chairman and Patty Murray as Ranking Member. On the House side, Virginia Foxx is widely expected to be the next Chairwoman of the House Education & Workforce Committee. She has outlined Higher education reform and Department of Labor regulations as two of her top priorities.

California Congressional Delegation Changes
The major change in California will be the retirement of Barbara Boxer and the election of Kamala Harris as new Senator. She should have her committee assignments in early 2017.

On the House side, there were minimal changes as Ro Khanna defeated incumbent Mike Honda. Honda was an appropriator and a supporter of workforce development programs, and Khanna is likely to be, but doesn’t have the seniority. State Sen. Isadore Hall lost to Nanette Barragan, a 40 year old Latina attorney, to win Rep. Hahn’s seat. Ami Bera’s re-election against Scott Jones is currently too close to call.

Lame Duck
Democrats are now facing the status quo in Congress so they may be more motivated to cut deals to get priorities passed under President Obama. With Trump incoming, we don’t expect any big deals to be cut outside of appropriations and national defense. The vacant Supreme Court slot remains and the Trade Pacific Partnership is now off the table since Trump has vigorously opposed it. We will continue to work aggressively on preserving the WIOA FY2016 levels in the FY2017 Labor, HHS Appropriations Bill. Those negotiations will occur as part of the broader funding package in the coming weeks.

State Election Outlook
Most of the state elections maintained the status quo, except that it looks as if Assembly Dems accomplished a two-thirds majority, winning 56 of 80 seats, which gives them a Supermajority. Senate Republicans kept that from happening, but only by a one seat margin, AND they will be substantially exposed in their 2018 races.

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