The California Regional Organizing Meeting was designed as a kickoff event for the State’s 14 Regional Organizers. The meeting began with Tim Rainey, Director of the California Workforce Development Board explaining the need for regional organizing. He explained that Regional Organizers are auxiliary staff to help the RPUs coordinate with each other, with business, and with partners to implement the Regional Plans. Regional organizing will support the implementation of the Regional Workforce Plans developed by the 14 RPUs and align with, and continue, the SlingShot work currently in process in many regions. The Regional Organizers will help answer three questions:
• What should the region look like in 10yrs- socially and economically?
• How do we organize leadership to actualize that vision?
• How do we organize education and training systems to help get there?

Tim also revealed all of the Regional Plans have been “conditionally approved” with letters being sent out. Nine of the fourteen were complete with the remaining requiring additional information or clarification. Once the modifications are turned in, the plans will be reviewed by Secretary of the LWDA and Chair of the State Board with plans being submitted to the Executive Committee of the State Board on August 15th and the full board on August 24th for final approval. All Local and Regional Plans will be finalized by September 1, 2017.

The meeting then continued with a discussion of roles and expectations of the Regional Organizers with a consensus that they will represent and serve the will of their region. A table discussion followed with reports out from each RPU on “What they are…” and “What does success look like?” Followed by a discussion around what stands in the way of reaching success. The meeting concluded with next steps and a discussion around skills required and anticipated training for the Regional Organizers. There will be a follow up meeting in July where all Regional Organizers will be brought back for skills building and other anticipated trainings.

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