CWA, in conjunction with DOR, EDD, and CWDB is proud to bring you a series of training that will address specific strategies and topics to see heightened access to (and quality of) services for Individuals with Disabilities seeking to participate in Title I WIOA programs.

DOR – Programmatic and Physical Accessibility, Strategies for Service Delivery
In our DOR training series, we seek to Train and equip AJCC staff in an ongoing learning process with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to provide superior service to job seekers with disabilities. Knowing that all comprehensive AJCC centers must be physically and programmatically accessible to individuals with disabilities, as described in 29 CFR part 38, the implementing regulations of WIOA sec. 188, we will provide training on:

  • Participant self-disclosure
  • Intro to ADA and FEHA
  • Creating Accessible Documents and Forms
  • Windmills Training
  • Serving Customers with Disabilities
  • Working with Individuals with Hidden Disabilities including Mental Health Disabilities
  • Physical Access Overview
  • LEAP and Schedule A – State and Federal Hiring Programs for Persons with Disabilities

EDD – Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) Program Replication, Sustainability
Our EDD training offerings will take place regionally and are intended to bring your region Best Practices discovered through California’s DEI efforts and to provide strategies which can be implemented free of grant funding to sustain enhanced services to Individuals with Disabilities.
Training topics will include:

  • One Service Strategy that Includes Individuals with Disabilities
  • Removing Systemic Barriers; Management Buy-In; Examining and Restructuring Customer Flow; Disability Awareness and Etiquette
  • Integrated Resource Teams (IRTs)
  • Common Language and Acronyms; Disability Resource Coordinator
  • Developing Community Partnerships Beyond Referrals
  • Regional Collaboration for Services to Individuals with Disabilities; Effectively Partnering with Disability Service Providers
  • Sustaining Change
  • Defining the Employment Network (EN) System to Access Ticket to Work; How to Become an EN, How to Build Discretionary and Unrestricted Funds
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