YOUTH@WORK 2018 “Inspiring Minds, Changing Lives!”

Pre-Conference Sessions

The California Workforce Association offers pre-conference session at no additional cost to our attendees at each of our three annual conferences.

So start your Youth@Work 2018 early with these amazing pre-conference sessions; Tuesday, January 9,2017. Registration for the conference opens at 8:00 AM, so check in early, and start increasing your workforce capacity.


Edward DeJesus, Founder, Social Capital BuildersEdward DeJesus, Founder, Social Capital Builders

9:00 – 11:30 The Dollars and Sense of Social Capital Networks Tofanelli / Level 2 

One of the greatest predictors of labor market attachment and success are social connections. A growing body of research is now pointing to the importance of this undervalued form of social capital as a necessary component for people’s long-term economic success.

Workforce programs focus mainly on increasing skills and credentials without helping individuals develop the social capital that could help put these achievements to work. Essentially, workforce programs have placed the cart before the horse. Building social capital can create the conditions necessary for developing skills, mature work ethics, and a sense of hope needed for long-term labor market success.

Edward DeJesus will help you assess the social capital competence of your organization and help you discover ways to build the social capital of others. Participants will leave with a new found understanding of the only asset that can be spent without ever growing broke.


Ashley Carter, Chief Strategy Officer, Career Wise ColoradoAshley Carter, Chief Strategy Officer, Career Wise Colorado

9:30 – 11:30 Career Wise Colorado: America’s First Statewide Youth Apprenticeship Program Gardenia Ballroom/ Lower Level

CareerWise Colorado is a statewide youth apprenticeship model that coordinates the existing systems of industry and education, creating real, tangible benefits for both the employer and the apprentice. As in California, businesses are having difficulty finding employees with the appropriate competencies to effectively fill skilled positions. Modern youth-apprenticeships address the problem by changing the paradigm and helping businesses become producers of young talent rather than simply relying on an already overwhelmed education system.

Their goal is ambitious: Create over 20,000 apprenticeships in high-demand, high-paying occupations across multiple business sectors by 2027. Current pathways include Advanced Manufacturing, Business Operations, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Technology. What should our goal be? What’s our next step in apprenticeship for youth?


U. S. Department of Labor color logoEvan Rosenberg, Division of Youth Services, Employment and Training Administration, U. S. Department of Labor

9:30 – 11:30 A Deep Dive into Youth Performance Carr / Level 2 

This session will provide an overview of the WIOA youth performance accountability system, including an overview of the performance indicators, reporting requirements, and statistical adjustment model.

While the WIOA performance indicators are complex, and often youth workforce professionals leave the job of understanding the details to their performance and management information system (MIS) staff, it is critical for everyone to understand the program implications of the WIOA performance indicators.

This session will provide a youth-focused overview of the performance indicators along with all the information youth workforce professionals should know about WIOA performance and reporting.

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