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ACCORD and its Workforce Edge Business and Economic division delivers training that supports the development of a skilled workforce to meet the ever-changing needs of small business employers, job seekers and organizations that serve them.

The consulting team of ACCORD brings over 20 years’ expertise and stay on the cutting edge by leveraging its depth and breadth of workforce knowledge to bring a unique combination of expertise, understanding of the communities served and hands-on experience to deliver consulting and training that fosters effective delivery-models and workforce development programs nimble to its customers.
The topics offered are designed to support workforce challenges and align with the State Plan:

• Increases capacity and foster demand-driven skills attainment
• Educates on tools, trends and best-practices that support upward mobility for those with barriers to employment
• Increases awareness of middle-skill industry valued post-secondary credentials
• Builds capacity to ensure alignment, coordination and integration of partners, program design and services by braiding workforce, partners and education programs.

Since 2010, the ACCORD team has delivered consulting services, program management and workforce development programs through its employment, volunteer work and partnerships with Workforce Development Boards, the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act/America’s Job Centers throughout the northern and southern regions, Department of Labor (DOL), Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), State of California, Federally-funded programs and corporate sponsorships.

Additionally, through its network, ACCORD has counseled and provided grant management and training to workforce development boards, project directors, management, staff and resource partners supported through the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act.

Website: http://accordnow.org/

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