• Specialists in Serving Ex-Offender/Justice Involved Populations – Curriculum and Training

Ascend is the acclaimed non-profit founded by criminal defense attorneys that teaches CBT, law, psychology and life skills to the ex-offender/justice involved population. Ascend is one of the few re-entry programs with outstanding outcome measures. Sacramento State University conducted a research study on Ascend and, in national criminal justice conferences, has called Ascend a “model for the nation.” Ascend has had unprecedented success helping people with criminal histories turn their lives around.

Ascend and Workforce form a natural partnership that can be a powerful source of good in the world. If you are a workforce professional who wants to unravel the mystery behind why ex-offender populations struggle so hard in attaining the stability in their lives to obtain, and maintain, employment, Ascend is your answer. Ascend’s training and curriculum helps identify and demystify the persistent barriers to employment that this population faces. Ascend offers concrete, tangible tools to aid your clients who are part of this group.

If you are in the position to add curriculum and/or training to your staff on ex-offenders/justice involved populations and how to help them become permanent taxpayers who also happen to be healthy, happy people, Ascend will be your salvation.

Website: http://www.ascendprogram.com and http://www.humansadvancingtogether.org

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