• Labor Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Employer Engagement
  • Economic and Workforce Development Consulting
  • Demographic Modeling
  • Economic Impact Analyses & Forecasting

BW Research is a full-service consulting and research firm specializing in workforce and economic development for public entities and non-profit organizations, including workforce development boards, economic development agencies, municipalities, industry associations, and educational institutions since 2006. BW Research has offices in Carlsbad, California and Wrentham, Massachusetts.

BW Research combines expertise in labor markets and economic impact analyses with the ability to compile data utilizing economic and demographic extrapolations as well as qualitative (e.g., focus groups, stakeholder and executive interviews), and quantitative research (e.g., telephone, mail, intercept, and Internet surveys) techniques. The firm has used its comprehensive research foundation to complete program evaluations, professional staff development seminars, and regional cluster analyses, as well as the creation and production of research tools like asset maps to support strategic planning for workforce and economic development organizations and educational institutions.

BW Research is committed to providing insightful data, evidence, and indicators to empower better investments, policies, and decision for our clients. 


Website: www.bwresearch.com

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