• Partnership development
  • Grant Writing
  • Professional Development
  • Consulting
  • WIOA
  • Workforce Development
  • Adult Education
  • Supplemental Funding
  • Co-enrollment
  • Career Technical Education

California Learns is passionate about working with people that support communities and envision improving their communities through their contribution. Since 2010, California Learns, Inc. has been incorporated and has collective experience of over 100 years in the field of education and 50 years of experience in consulting, grant writing, program development and overseeing accreditations. Our mission is to empower people through our grant writing and consulting services to make the world a better place. Our vision is to provide access to opportunities and sustainability so that they are within reach for organizations that want to change lives. California Learns is a powerhouse team that blends experience and drive. With rich experience in developing innovative programs, working with a diverse population of students with diverse needs, grant writing, WIOA, I-Train, COE, WASC, CalWorks, CASAS, and Perkins to name a few, California Learns are fully equipped to help clients achieve their goals. California Learns also serves clients assisting them with accreditation support, program development, and guidance on day-to-day operations.

Website: https://www.calearns.org

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