• Social Impact Strategy
• Strategic Planning
• Partnership Development
• Program Design

CauseIMPACTS is a social impact strategy consulting firm that helps inspired organizations, government agencies, companies, and individuals create, measure, and communicate social change across a broad range of issues.

Our mission is to break down the silos that exist between sectors in order to motivate social innovation and drive social change.

  • We are experts at cross-sector partnerships & collaboration
  • All of our projects all have a social justice focus
  • We integrate data collection, outcome measurement, and strategic storytelling into every client project

Social issues are cross-cutting and complex, and cannot be effectively addressed when organizations operate in silos. We work collaboratively across sectors to develop unique partnerships, leverage resources, and support innovative solutions that help our clients drive social change. We give you the tools to measure and evaluate social impact, as well as communicate this impact in meaningful ways. We are experts at developing cross-sector solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. At causeIMPACTS, we recognize that companies, organizations, government agencies, elected officials, and donors rarely have the capacity, incentive, or strategy to work together in a way that maximizes impact.

CauseIMPACTS offers services that bring social impact projects to life.
We help clients create, measure, and communicate social change across sectors so they can maximize collective impact and causeIMPACTS on the issues they value.

Our Competitive Advantage
• Cross-sector experience provides a unique lens and expert insight
• Understand evaluation, policy, metrics, and sustainability
• Deep understanding of social change
• Campaign-strategy approach
• Social justice focus

Website: http://www.causeimpacts.com

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