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CSi-Works is consulting and training company committed to your program and agency success. From resource and staff development to monitoring and performance management, our experienced team engages and empowers each of our partners to become a sustainable high performing administrative unit and/or service provider. Our professionals help builds mutually beneficial strategic partnerships and community teams that support local employment trends and leverage resources.

We bring a history of performance from across California and the U.S. Our constant quality improvement approach and field-tested best practices allow us to research and develop custom training solutions for workforce professionals and job seekers. This leads to matching job seekers with employer and economic development needs through career employment pathways. Our b2b model and understanding the grant and legislative process helps us with compliance, program monitoring, program performance and helping each partner achieve their goals.

From helping Board members learn about legislation to working with Directors on RFP’s and monitoring, CSi-Works provides professional input. We work with service providers to help address administrative/strategic issues and support front line concerns. We help identify and establish diversified resources. Using a client centered customer service approach, we understand program requirements from recruiting eligible clients to the follow-up and documentation needed for positive outcomes.

CSi-Works takes each client’s ideas and turn them into program realities. Our commitment is to each partner’s success by providing timely targeted solutions and the ongoing support for those we work with.

Website: http://www.csi-works.com

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