• Industry Engagement
• Next Generation Sector Partnership Building

John Melville is CEO of Collaborative Economics and a national leader in the design and practice of “next generation” industry engagement. He co-founded national Next Gen Sector Partnerships initiative He works directly with business leaders, supporting them as they chair industry-led partnerships.

He also supports partners from workforce development, economic development, education, and other community institutions, helping them work productively with business leaders to achieve shared outcomes. He has helped design, launch, and support over 100 regional industry-led partnerships in diverse industries focused on talent development and other economic development and regional innovation priorities.

He also specializes in the design of learning experiences, curriculum, how to guides, best practice assessments, tool kits, action clinics, academies, summits and other modes of customized technical assistance to ensure effective launch and implementation of transformative “next gen” industry engagement strategies.

Website:  http://www.coecon.com and http://www.nextgensectorpartnerships.com

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