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Corporation for a Skilled Workforce is a national workforce policy and systems change organization that partners with government, business, and community leaders across the country to increase income mobility by supporting good jobs with the skilled workers needed to fill them. With a Senior Policy Associate (Ken Barnes) based in Los Angeles, CSW is well-positioned to provide a range of services to California workforce organizations. For more than 26 years, CSW has been an effective catalyst for progressive change at the local, regional, state and national level. We have provided high-impact strategic planning, policy, partnership, program development, evaluation, and change management assistance to state, regional, and local workforce boards and agencies, workforce partnerships and funder collaboratives, community colleges, foundations and non-profit and for-profit workforce organizations. CSW has delivered strategic planning and technical assistance services to hundreds of local and state workforce organizations across all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. In the pursuit of its social change strategies, CSW has developed in-depth expertise in selected areas that informs our workshops, technical assistance, and evaluation services.

Website: http://www.skilledwork.org

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