• Partnership Development
  • Develop Strategic Planning Meetings with Partners
  • Facilitate local, regional, partners
  • Grant development
  • Facilitation of Board Retreats

Joyce Aldrich Consulting Services has been in business since 2008, supporting and mentoring
local workforce investment as well as workforce innovation and opportunity act boards in their
endeavors to meet the needs of businesses as well as unemployed and under-employed
individuals in their community. Her mission is to serve the local boards administration in
meeting the needs of their local boards, community partners, businesses, employers and
providers of the workforce innovation and opportunity act system.

Her areas of expertise include regional organizing of a five-county collaborative serving as the
Director of the Lead entity for five years; overseeing the comprehensive one stop operations both
as a one stop manager and director of the workforce investment act system. She had worked in the
industry for more than 17 years, both overseeing as well as supporting boards and local
administrative staff in all facets of the WIA/WIOA system.


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