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Money Starts Here, LLC is a California financial education training company for employers and
organizations, large and small. We have been helping people from all walks of life take control
of their financial lives since 2009. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, life-impacting financial
education at pivotal moments. We specialize in financial literacy and wellness programs that
help organizations put financially self-sufficient members of society into the workforce and
onto the streets of the communities they serve.
Our online financial curriculum for personal and work life focuses on everyday financial skills,
financial products, health insurance, and key employee benefits. Our programs help
participants effectively deal with everyday financial situations, overcome their most pressing
financial challenges, avoid costly mistakes and get to where they want to be financially. Being
an educated consumer when it comes to everyday money situations, financial products, and
employee benefits is critical in being a self-sufficient and secure member of society.
We teach, assess, report, and certify, and we are 100% unbiased and dedicated to empowering
participants with information that is easy to understand and use in everyday life.

Website: MoneyStartsHere.com

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