• Entrepreneurship/Social Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Development
  • Transferable/Soft Skills
  • Grant Writing
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Project Management Empowerment/Youth/Women/Minority
  • Equity and Diversity Training
  • Marketing and Branding

Ms. Palumbo, also known as Professor Palumbo, has been
an educator since 2000. She has more than 20 years of business administration
experience and has been an entrepreneur since 2002. She is a creative leader with
in-depth knowledge and expertise applying strategic business management,
development of small business initiatives, and progressive leadership. She is a fourtime
published author. Ms. Palumbo has taken her trauma and turned it into
triumph. She went from welfare to wealth. Today, she fearlessly and courageously
shares her story of abuse, healing, freedom, and the ability to not only overcome but
excel to all those she encounters. She has an innate ability to hold the attention of
those she trains and teaches. She has been serving the homeless community since
2003, and she has a passion and love for those who society has labeled unimportant.
She is an expert in the field of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, workforce
development, transferable skills training, social security and disability law, and
higher education, specifically business, gig economy, and economic growth. She is in
the business of building up people, and her mission is to provide others with the
keys needed to empower themselves in order for them to live a fulfilling life—
one that contributes to society and leaves a lasting legacy.

Website: www.natashaplaumbo.com

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