• Marketing
  • Performance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Partnership Development
  • Team Development
  • Financial Consulting
  • Labor market Information
  • Customer Service
  • Cost structure
  • Organizational Change

The college’s Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) team serves the needs of both our students and our community. By creating unique educational and workforce initiatives, we bridge the gap between the classroom and the marketplace, preparing students to seek entry-level employment and implement effective job skill upgrades. EWD’s mission is to inspire a diverse student body to transform their lives, drive regional economic development, and build global engagement and understanding. Through its Small Business Development Center (SBDC), EWD helps small business owners succeed with low cost training and no-cost one-on-one consulting from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. In their most recent efforts to cultivate the startup community, the SBDC hosts its Venture Launch Program (www.pccventurelaunch.com). The program provides real world, hands-on learning about what it’s like to actually start a company rather than simply how to write a traditional business plan. It combines theory with extensive hands-on practice. Based on the customer and market feedback gathered, they use agile development to rapidly iterate their product or concept. The goal is to give participants a framework to test the business model of an early stage startup while facing all the pressures and demands of the real world.

Website: www.pccewd.org

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