• Strategic Planning
• One-stop Operations
• Program Evaluation
• Partner and Program Development
• Resource Development
• Procurement and Subcontractor Management
• Board Development and Engagement
• State-level Policy Implementation
• Team Development and Facilitation

Racy Ming is the principal consultant for Racy Ming Associates LLC. She leads program evaluation, strategic planning and program development projects throughout California. Racy has over twenty years of experience in workforce development, education and safety net programs. Previously, she served as Director of the Workforce Development Board and the Division Director of the Employment and Training Branch of Social Services for Marin County, California.

Throughout her career, Racy has bridged the gap between regulatory compliance and successful program delivery. She and her team of associates have worked successfully across a broad range of organizations and stakeholders and have successfully leveraged resources and funds for the betterment of the workforce development system.

As the 2015 Fulbright Scholar for Criminal Justice, she conducted her research on prisoner re-entry and workforce services for ex-offenders at the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion (now the Learning and Working Institute) in London, UK. Her undergraduate and master’s degrees are from Stanford University.

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