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Larry Robbin, Executive Director of Robbin and Associates, has been providing workforce development training, consulting, program design and keynote speaking services for over forty-five years. He has trained over 100,000 people, presented at 500 conferences and his consulting and training services have been used by more than 1000 workforce organizations across the country. He has done more training for CWA, the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals and California workforce programs than any other trainer.

Larry trains and consults on more than 300 topics covering almost all aspects of job seeker and business services. He also provides services related to improving partnerships, program design, hiring, performance and retention of staff, recruitment of program participants, customer service and other services to help workforce programs exceed their goals. Due to his work history and on-going volunteer work, he has extensive first hand experience with all of the populations served by the workforce system. Besides his workforce development work, Larry has over forty-five years of experience as a private sector consultant so he is the ideal person to help workforce organizations improve their work with employers.

Larry’s services are known for being highly customized to the needs of each client. He conducts an in-depth pre-service assessment to help him tailor his services. Larry presents state-of-the-art and yet very practical ideas.

Website: http://www.LarryRobbin.com

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