• Alignment of Workforce Development
  • Education & Economic Development
  • Strategic Partnership Development
  • Sector Strategy Development
  • Regional/Local Strategic Planning
  • Career Pathway Development
  • Asset mapping

As a nonprofit organization, founded in 1974, CAEL is driven by our mission and vision with
an employee base of 38 full time staff and a membership base of 800 higher education
systems, institutions, individual practitioners of adult learning and other key workforce and
education stakeholders. Our mission is to champion the adult learners and bring together
educators, employers, and regions to create solutions that integrate work and learning. We
help create pathways for adults through learning that has recognizable and relevant value to
employers. We do this by informing, supporting, and connecting three primary stakeholders:
● Education/Learning Providers who aim to build quality programs and engage adult
students, employers, and communities
● Employers who want to develop their people and who increasingly establish partnerships
with learning providers
● Cities, States and Regions that look to strengthen communities and economies through
integrated education and workforce strategies that enable meaningful work opportunities
for all. CAEL members and partners recognize nonprofit CAEL for our thought
leadership, impeccable service, and deep commitment to adults in the workforce

As an affiliate of the Strada Education Network, CAEL supports Strada’s mission of
“Completion with a Purpose” and aligns our organizational mission, vision, values and work to
support this mission to address the lifelong learning pathways of the adult learner. We
consistently leverage this network to bring wider expertise and support to our work.

Website: https://www.cael.org/

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