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PRAXIS was founded in 1995 by Stacey Holmes Girdner to offer organizations high-integrity people solutions. For ten years, Stacey worked with clients across the nation from a variety of industries and every sector: non-profit, private and public. In 2005, Stacey was invited by one of her clients (Russ Reid, now One & All) to serve full-time as their Chief People Officer. There, Stacey worked with the employees of Russ Reid as well as its nonprofit clients to strengthen their ability to have productive working relationships, effective management skills, and sterling leadership practices to achieve the agency’s goals of helping the world’s needy. In 2016, Stacey left Russ Reid and relaunched The PRAXIS Group and has continued to provide coaching, leadership training, team development and group facilitation to various clients, primarily in Southern California.

Stacey has spent years working with top leaders to assess their leadership capabilities, address team performance issues, develop confident and competent staff, and solve their biggest workforce dilemmas. There are a few traits that distinguish Stacey from other management consultants. Words used to describe Stacey’s approach include insightful, engaging, interactive, fair, dedicated, gentle yet courageous, and trustworthy. She is known to surface issues or concerns that others might shy away from yet present them in a non-threatening, palatable manner. Once problems are identified, Stacey’s ability to draw others out combined with her keen listening skills allow her to collaboratively craft solutions that address the root of the problem and reach resolutions without making too much noise or being overly disruptive.

Website: http://www.thepraxisgroup.com

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