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Thrive Nation is a national non-profit dedicated to helping young adults thrive with passion and accountability for their strengths, wellness, community and future.

We help young adults aged 16-25 thrive by facilitating one-on-one, personalized coaching. We do this in two ways:

1)   Providing coaching directly to young adults with our own Certified Thrive Coaches in partnership with youth service or other organizations

2)   Delivering coach training to youth service or other relevant organization staff members to become Certified Thrive Coaches themselves so they can coach young adults in their community

Our coaching methodology has been specifically designed to help young adults (or Thrivers as we call them):

  • Identify and explore their strengths, passions and career interests
  • Develop and hone life and professional skills
  • Learn self-coaching tools and develop their own toolbox for life and work
  • Set and take action towards achieving goals
  • Achieve education and / or employment outcomes
  • Become autonomous, self-sufficient, productive contributors to their community and society

Originally founded in 2002 as the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition (RISC), Thrive Nation has a long, successful track record in training and coaching. In its form as RISC, Thrive Nation successfully implemented skills-based mastery programs in over 30 school districts, 200 schools and with 113,000 students. Thrive Nation knows what it means to encourage and empower students and young adults to achieve and thrive, regardless of their background, life circumstances or academic ability. We were all born to thrive and Thrive Nation is here to help young adults do just that.

Website: www.thrivenation.net

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