• Board Development/Governance
• Strategic Plan Management
• Communications
• Industry Sector Strategies
• Employer Engagement
• Resource Development
• Collective Impact
• Communications
• Facilitation

TL Phillips Consulting Services understands the value of thinking big—our approach focuses on long-term sustainability for organizations looking to achieve more with less. We strive to help grow a client’s brand and resources over time, which achieves improved customer outcomes and measurable community results.

With collectively more than 85 years of non-profit and municipal government leadership and senior management experience, the team working with TL Phillips Consulting has built an extensive knowledge base and network in the fields of community, economic, and workforce development, allowing us to help your organization better support its value proposition and brand, thereby more effectively achieving its mission and reaching its full potential.

Our firm assists clients in undertaking broader strategic priorities, operations and stakeholder/community leadership roles beyond WIOA, leading to your organization being the recognized “go to” workforce development leader in your city, county or region.
We custom design your training applications from our foundational topic-focused learning modules based on your current and future needs. We follow-up the training with a careful assessment to ensure our clients have captured the critical information and to guide them in practical applications development. We also offer additional consulting technical assistance and thought leadership services if/as needed for further planning and implementation purposes.

Our clients include workforce development boards and other non-profits in California, Washington, DC and Connecticut.

Website: http://tlphillipsconsulting.com

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