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Statewide Disability Services Training

EDD Traveling DRC Training Details

WIOA requires a focus on service to individuals with barriers to employment, including individuals with disabilities. The EDD Traveling Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) Training addresses service delivery for individuals with disabilities seeking access to AJCC services. Training will be presented by EDD’s current Traveling DRC and is intended for AJCC staff and partners. This training is interactive and provides practical examples based on successful models currently operating statewide. 

This training has been developed from best practices and strategies discovered through California’s involvement in the Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) and the Disability Employment Accelerator (DEA). Both efforts are administered by EDD and funded through DOLETA in conjunction with the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). Best practices and strategies highlighted are intended to be low-cost or free and easily implementable without the need for grant funding. 

These strategies will be presented regionally in 10 modules. The Traveling DRC will visit each region twice delivering full-day training sessions consisting of 4 modules per session. For the first session in your region, modules 1 through 4 will be presented. Subsequently, working with the RTCs, the Traveling DRC will prioritize which of the remaining modules are most appropriate to your region to structure the second session. Scroll down for detailed descriptions of the modules in addition to links to register for training.

Course Specifics

Class Size: Approximately 30 participants per session
Hours of Instruction: 6 hours total, with approximately 4 modules per session
Intended Audience: EDD’s Traveling DRC training is recommended for AJCC staff, partners and others within the workforce development system who are interested in developing and/or improving programs and services for all potential customers including people with disabilities and other individuals with barriers to employment.
Comments: Full-day sessions will consist of approximately 4 modules per session as determined by EDD’s Traveling DRC and the RTCs. Full-day sessions will be scheduled regionally and will be repeated twice in the same week to provide ample opportunity for those interested to attend.
Requests for additional, customized or topic-specific training will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The ability to accommodate special requests is dependent upon factors including, but not limited to need, trainer availability, other available training and/or budget. Scroll down for Topic List, Topic Descriptions & Registration Link.

Topic List

Module 1-4

One System for All and All for One

Here an Acronym, There an Acronym

We Need a Driver

To Politeness and Beyond!

Modules 5-10 (Coming Soon!)

Workforce, WIOA and Compliance Oh my!

If We Build It…They Will Come

Creating an Environment of Trust and Building Rapport

Teaming Up with the DOR

Management Go-ahead

Creating an Organization Nest Egg

EDD Traveling DRC Training Topic Descriptions


Module 1: One System for All and All for One
Serving People with Disabilities – All of Us Can, but Do We?
  • Aligning your service delivery strategy with WIOA
  • What works and what doesn’t work
  • Effective strategies for serving people with disabilities – lessons learned from around California
  • Excellent customer service for individuals with barriers to employment results in improved customer service for everyone
  • The power of “Yes”
Module 2: Here an Acronym, There an Acronym
What is the DEI, DEA and IRT, and what do they have to do with PWD and WIOA?
  • Resources available before during and after your strategy is launched
  • Why it makes good “business” sense
  • Effective partnering
  • Pros and Cons of Sequential or Concurrent Service Delivery
Module 3: We Need a Driver
The Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) Defined
  • Why it is important to have one person steering
  • How having a DRC can help improve service delivery
  • This isn’t the ONLY person who can help – DRC responsibilities and those of all staff members
Module 4: To Politeness and Beyond!
Disability Awareness, Sensitivity and Etiquette
  • What to expect
  • The customer’s perspective
  • Dispelling myths
  • Resources for building confidence
  • Listening goes a long way
  • Language matters

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MODULES 5-10 (Coming Soon!)

Module 5: Workforce, WIOA and Compliance Oh my!
Coordinated and Complementary Employment and Training Services
  • Fostering regional collaboration
  • Improved access for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment
  • Work-based Training – the missing link to increased employment and retention?
How businesses can benefit
Module 6: If We Build It…They Will Come
Examining Customer Flow and Improving Service Delivery
  • Who is at the door?
  • An “all for one” process (no matter who it is)
  • Restructure, regroup, retrain, and repeat!
  • Resources and support for the changes you make
Module 7: Creating an Environment of Trust and Building Rapport
Disclosure 101
  • Getting to know our customers
  • A safe haven in which to plan – Examining customers’ fears
  • A little “Disability Benefits 101” never hurts
  • The I.R.T. of it all
Module 8: Teaming Up with the DOR
Better Service, Better Outcomes
  • Learn the process
  • Speak the language
  • What you bring to the table
  • Co-location works both ways
Module 9: Management Go-ahead
Got Buy-in?
  • A hard look at the existing process
  • Tools to start open communication
  • Managing and leading – both are important
  • An effective leader is the Drum Major of the organization band
Module 10: Creating an Organization Nest Egg
Become an Employment Network (EN) and Build Discretionary Funds
  • Definition of an EN
  • Different types of ENs
  • Why even consider developing an EN?
  • Resources and first steps

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