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CWA is on the forefront of tracking legislation and policy in California, and this is the depository where you can find all legislation and state directives around workforce development, with analysis and public comment on those items where applicable.

Governor Newsom Signs Legislation on Data Access and Use of Information in Public Workforce Development System

Assembly Bill 593 by Wendy Carrillo streamlines the ability of public workforce agencies to access participant data and improve program outcomes.

(AssemblyMember Wendy Carrillo, author of AB 593)

Sacramento, 10 October, 2019. The California Workforce Association and the 45 Local Workforce Development Boards in the State applaud Governor Gavin Newsom’s signing of AB 593 by Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo.

Local Workforce Boards administer job training in California through the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act, and support businesses and job seekers in every city and county in the State.

Local Workforce Boards are mandated by law to track the retention rate, wages, and the type of industries their enrolled federal program participants earn and work in. This data is stored in the Base Wage File, secure information that is input into the Employment Development Department’s (EDD) online system CalJOBS.

However, Local Boards under existing law do not have statutory authority to access this information for job seekers that are funded through State or Local dollars. Since every single Workforce Board in California utilizes additional resources beyond Federal funds, this means no local board can completely track the performance of their programming.

This is why AB 593 is so critical, as in the bill the Chief Local Elected Official that is responsible for the work of the Local Workforce Development Board is added to the pre-existing group of entities that have access to that base wage file data, allowing local boards to better track the performance of program participants, and tailor their job-seeker programs to better fit the needs of each customer.

Bob Lanter, Executive Director of the California Workforce Association, said the Bill “works to promote good governance across the State, by helping spend taxpayer dollars more wisely, as well as helping job seekers in their search for training and employment.”

Lanter added that since all program participants are already entered into CalJOBS, EDD already collects the data for non-Federally funded participants, but lack the explicit statutory permission to share that data back with a local board, which 593 addresses.

Local Boards in California do vital work providing job training and supportive services in the State. In 2018 over 1.3 million Californians received services through the America’s Job Centers of California.

AB 593 was authored by Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo (D-Los Angeles) and was passed by the State Assembly and Senate by votes of 79-0 and 40-0, respectively. It was sponsored by the California Workforce Association, in concert with the 45 Local Workforce Development Boards across the State of California.

CWA Sponsored Legislation

AB 1111 Removing Barriers to Employment Act
Primary Sponsor: Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D)

Between current openings and baby boomer retirements, California businesses expect to have 4.4 million middle skill job openings in the next decade. Where is California going to find the talent to fill the need?

AB 1111 suggests that the talent is waiting right here in our own backyard, waiting to be tapped. Disconnected populations and populations with barriers to employment comprise a large amount of California’s potential workforce. It is not just a social imperative that we help these people enter into the skilled workforce, but an economic imperative as well.

This bill would develop a grant program that Workforce Boards and Community-Based Organizations would join forces to apply for. The object? To break barriers to gainful employment and help fill business needs. See our infographic to the right for more information.

California Legislation We’re Following

We will be filling this page out as bills come through. For a full list of our watched bills, including bills on our watch list, please join CWA now!

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