• Career Visioning
• Barriers
• Motivational Interviewing
• Staff Development
• Empowering
• Youth and Adults, Clients
• Pathways, Jobs
• Resources
• Mapping

How do you make an impact on someone’s life without losing your own? How do you empower yourself so that you can empower others? Using WRAP, Motivational Interviewing, and Career Visioning, staff will be empowered to empower clients of all ages to overcome barriers and become self sufficient. Staff will learn to help clients find career pathways that are guided by the client’s interests and acquire needed training through traditional and non-traditional methods. Career Vision provides 1-3 Day seminars that enable staff to make a significant impact in their client’s lives and energize creative and actionable career visioning without losing their own.

Website: http://www.legityou.org/

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