• Career Advising Specialized Certificate Program

Career Development is an interdisciplinary field which takes into account workplace dynamics and individual growth and change. Career Advisors help focus clients’ skills, interests and values while teaching them how to gather information about workplace options and helping them develop strategies to reach their career goals.
UC San Diego Extension’s Career Advising Specialized Certificate Program is designed for Career Advisors (including WIB/Workforce Partnership Career Advisors) and professionals in career advising roles to bring them the latest information on current economic trends, coaching techniques, career-building strategies, and interpersonal communications.

Career Advisors work with individuals in all stages of work or life, including those transitioning fields, students looking for their first job, veterans re-entering the job market, or individuals facing retirement. The diversity of clients reflects the dynamic and evolving workforce in the U.S. This program provides an organized and comprehensive approach to information, theories and best practices in career development.

Website: https://extension.ucsd.edu/courses-and-programs/career-advising

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