New workforce board directors have many responsibilities to master for which their early career experience may not have prepared them. The New Director Bootcamp is an intensive 3-day professional development experience which provides the opportunity for new directors or those likely to become directors to learn/hone skills, access experienced leaders, and grow their professional network with others from across the nation. NAWB recognizes this as a critical offering for our industry to continue developing the workforce of workforce development leaders, and we’re delighted to have the sessions facilitated in partnership with Bob Lanter, Executive Director from the California Workforce Association and Tim Aldinger, Executive Director, Workforce Development at the Foundation for California Community Colleges, Sacramento, CA .

 Who Should Attend?
  • Established Executive Directors

  • New Executive Directors

  • Deputy Directors

  • Associate Directors

  • Division Managers

  • Operation Managers

  • Anyone who has broad leadership responsibilities and/or people on a promotional track to executive positions with a focus on workforce development

Even established workforce leaders will increase their benefit from this workforce leadership capacity building training!

Session Descriptions

Session 1 & 2 Topics

  • Leadership

  • Management

  • WIA to WIOA

  • Understanding the Labor Market

  • Effective Meetings

  • Fiscal and Grant Management

  • Current State and National Policy Developments

  • Sector Strategies & Career Pathway Development

  • Managing Politics

  • Connecting with Business

  • WIOA: One-Stops & Required Partners

  • Collective Impact Framework

  • Stakeholder Mapping

Out-of-Session Capstone Development – Mentor Connect

  • Connect with capstone mentors via group conference calls

  • Out-of-Session Capstone project work

Session 3: Final Capstone Projects

  • Capstone Presentations at NAWB Quarterly Fall Meeting

  • Review of Boot Camp

  • Post Assessment on Workforce Executive Knowledge

2019 CWA-NAWB Workforce Executive Bootcamp Session Dates

2019 Sessions

  • March 23, 2019: NAWB’s The Forum, Washington Hilton, D.C.

  • Date TBA: NAWB Quarterly Meeting, Wichita, Kansas

  • Date TBA: NAWB Quarterly Meeting, Location TBA

Boot Camp Assistant Contact: Matthew Hayes at CWA, or 916-325-1610

Meet The Facilitators


Bob Lanter – Executive Director, California Workforce Association

Tim Aldinger – Foundation for California Community Colleges, Director of Workforce Development Services

2019 CWA-NAWB Workforce Executive Bootcamp Fee

Cost of Workforce Executive Boot Camp

Cost was included with purchase of pre-conference session for The Forum.

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