September 28, 2017
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Governor Jerry Brown signs AB 1149: Workforce Investment Boards by Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula

Sacramento, CA. – The California Workforce Association (CWA) announces that Governor Brown has signed AB 1149, by Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula. The California Workforce Association is proud to have been a strong supporter of of this bill throughout the legislative process, and to have partnered with the California Workforce Development Board to advocate for the Governor’s signature.

CWA Executive Director, Bob Lanter stated “AB 1149’s passing will make critical components of federal workforce legislation much easier to achieve: namely AB 1149 will open gateways for those populations to a comprehensive set of supports such as transportation and childcare that involves strategic partnerships, so they can enroll in, attend, and complete workforce training programs.”

Previous state law allowed local boards to receive a credit toward mandated expenditure levels for the leveraging of certain training funds, but limited the source of those training funds that could be used for leverage. This statute restricted the types of strategic partnerships that could be formed by local Workforce Development Boards. In addition, prior law did not allow costs associated with the provision of supportive services that expressly for the use of populations with barriers to employment to count toward the mandated expenditure levels, which created fiscal burdens for Local Areas who sought to expand and protect supportive services.

AB 1149 expands the list of the types of funds that can be leveraged to meet the training mandate, encouraging new innovative partnerships between human services programs, state funded education programs, community based organizations, and the WIOA funded workforce system at the local level. This bill is also beneficial to implementing the Administration’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) State Plan

Additionally, AB 1149 adds more flexibility to the current state law to encourage the training of individuals with barriers to employment, as required under WIOA. By allowing a portion of the training mandate be met with costs associated with the provision of supportive services, AB 1149 helps incentivize the provision of supportive services.

The California Workforce Association is proud to have been an active supporter of AB 1149, and thanks Governor Jerry Brown, Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula, and the California Workforce Development Board for their commitment to challenging systemic barriers to unemployment in the State of California.

Governor’s signature on AB 1149

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