The Beginning

Changing Landscape – New Emphasis on Apprenticeships:

President Obama signed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act into law in July of 2014. In his State of the Union Address:

“Train Americans with the skills employers need, and match them with good jobs that need to be filled right now. That means more on-the-job training and more apprenticeships.”

  • California State University Commission on the Extended University Grant Award

  • 3 campus collaboration – CSU Los Angeles, CSU Long Beach and Sacramento State

  • Several needs assessment activities to understand skill gaps and desired competencies

Connecting Partners/Developing a Pilot

Sacramento Employment Training Agency (SETA)  and – Seeking Professional Development Strategies

  • Increase quality/capacity; standardize knowledge, skills, and abilities required of staff

  • Identify career pathway for staff and competencies to be attained for promotion

Participated in “focus group” for CSU Workforce Professional grant
Discussions with Division of Apprenticeship Standards – Sacramento pilot

  • Local Education Agency – Butte County Office of Education

  • Program Sponsor – California Workforce Association

  • Employer – SETA and other local Boards

  • Employee Representative – AFSCME Local 146

Why Statewide Apprenticeship Model?

  • There has been a call from California Workforce Association Members & Statewide stakeholders to formalize industry wide workforce staff training

  • Compared to other stakeholders our system standards are not consistent

  • WIOA/current economy calls for new competencies

  • Succession planning is key topic

  • California Workforce Association has had success with its WIOA Executive Bootcamp

Return on Investment

  • Benefit to Employees – Certificate, advancement, and increase in wages and marketability upon completion

  • Benefit to Employer – Trained workforce (including WIOA), improved customer service, higher quality/productivity, improved employee relations

  • Benefit to the California Workforce Development System – high quality standards for workforce development professionals, consistent and on-going training for employees and AJCC partners, improved customer service

WDAP Informational Webinar (10/25/2022)

WDP Apprentices Journey