If interested in learning how to bring this to your area – contact Matt Hidalgo, Joint Apprenticeship Coordinator at the California Workforce Association or 916-325-1610.

Apprentices are current staff of workforce boards, AJCCs, service/youth providers and other workforce stakeholders.  In the future, we would hope that apprentices would come from other from the public who are interested in becoming workforce development professionals

Currently the program is being funded from a combination of support from the California Community College Chancellor’s Apprenticeship Initiative, funding from over 6 local workforce boards, as well Related Supplemental Income (RSI).

The cost of the current program is estimated at $80-100K, plus the incremental wage increase.  This is based on a cohort of 25 students.  The cost of the tuition for classroom training is $4,000 per student.  Incremental wage increase is negotiated separately by each employer.

Yes the curriculum if fully portable and virtual.  The curriculum can be shared with the  CSU partners, LA and LB for Southern California delivery and you have a copy of the courses, their descriptions and the learning objectives.

Trainees are partially paid wages while in training.  The classes are held Friday afternoon and one weeknight.  Wages are paid on Friday.

Yes eventually the certificate program will be open to the public including new hires.  The apprenticeship program is an additional set of organizational requirements.

Probably not although this has not fully been explored.

No ETP funds cannot be used due to the employers being mostly non-profit, government or educational entities.  However, other funds can be explored in terms of funding the program


Workforce Development
Apprenticeship Program Wins
Major Award

The first apprenticeship program offered at Sacramento State, where participants earn a professional certificate, a promotion and a pay raise, has won a prestigious award and a congratulatory message from Sacramento’s mayor.

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