The California Workforce Association [CWA] is proud to offer our members this year-long training for directors, deputy directors, and executive workforce development board staff. There is a total of 60 hours of content and learning. Bootcamp will provide the knowledge, tools, and peer-to-peer learning needed to thrive in the ever changing workforce development world as a regional leader, a steward of public resources, and an effective workforce development professional. Scroll down to learn more about the program, or read to register click on the button below. Not a CWA Member yet…? Join CWA Now

Who Should Attend?

  • Established Executive Directors

  • New Executive Directors

  • Deputy Directors

  • Associate Directors

  • Division Managers

  • Operation Managers

  • Anyone who has broad leadership responsibilities and/or people on a promotional track to executive positions with a focus on workforce development

Even established workforce leaders will increase their benefit from this workforce leadership capacity building training!


2022 – 2023 Session Dates

December 2022 – Sacramento, CA
March 2023 – Sacramento, CA
June 2023 – Sacramento, CA
September 2023 – Monterey, CA

Multiple emails will be sent out to Bootcampers prior to sessions with the following information; hotel room block information, session start and end times, session agendas and other information throughout the year.  Sessions 1-3 precede the California Workforce Association quarterly board meetings.

2021-2022 Capstone Projects

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 cohort on completing their capstone projects for the Workforce Executive Bootcamp! If you are interested in viewing their capstone projects, please click HERE.

Contact Matthew Hayes if you have further questions or challenges regarding session logistics and hotel information