Project Overview

Welcome to the Immigrant and English Language Learner Resource Portal!

Immigrants and English language learners face cultural, language, educational and other barriers that limit their access to services and opportunities to gain skills and experience leading to family-sustaining jobs. California is investing WIOA discretionary program funds to expand and enhance workforce development services for English language learners (ELLs).

Here you will find information about the State’s investments in pilot projects, research on proven practices and practical guidance on how to implement effective approaches to serve immigrants and English learners through California’s workforce development system.

California’s ELL Initiative advances the goals of the State Strategic Plan by prioritizing a focus on English learners and building workforce system infrastructure and capacity through seeding:

  • Collaboration among partners to develop and implement strategic co-enrollment strategies and align resources to better connect job seekers to employment, training, and supportive services.
  • Innovation that creates new strategies, programs, and activities or adapts existing approaches to better support English learners to achieve skill attainment, progress along a career path and employment in family-sustaining occupations.
  • System change that expands proven strategies, further promotes innovation, and informs program and policy changes to eliminate access barriers, improve outcomes, and sustain progress during and beyond the grant period.

We invite you to adapt and use the resources on this site to support your work. For a quick overview, check out these links: