Effective Practices and Policy

Policies and practices informed by research hold the potential to generate more equitable opportunities for all Californians. Multiple state agencies and departments are partnering on the English Language Learner Initiative to leverage technical assistance resources and support research on effective ways to serve ELLs in diverse communities across the state.

Here you’ll find CA Policy Guidance on how to improve services for ELLs and studies that describe the ELL pilots, who they served and practices that work to build an aligned system of education, training and support services leading to more equitable employment opportunities for English learns in California’s workforce.

  • Pathways to Services – This policy document provides guidance to service providers by establishing the procedures regarding verifying work authorization and making services accessible to all populations in California.
  • Strategic Co-enrollment – Unified Plan Partners – This policy provides the guidance and establishes the procedures regarding California’s strategic co-enrollment. While this policy is not a mandate, this strategy is highly encouraged and supported under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the California Unified Strategic Workforce Development Plan (State Plan).
  • CA Ideal Co-Enrollment Model
  • Limited English Proficiency Guidance
  • AB 2098 – Adult Education Block Grant Program: immigration integration