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The 2018-19 CWA Executive Boot Camp is at maximum capacity our largest cohort to-date, registration is officially closed 9/12/2018. Interested in future boot camp, or other leadership capacity building opportunities please reach out to Megan Bailey or Matt Hidalgo Click Here For CWA Executive Boot Camp Details

California Workforce Association – Executive Bootcamp

CWA’s Executive Boot Camp helps executive staff hone their skills to become even more effective leaders. Boot Camp addresses leadership development, partnership building, business engagement, labor market dynamics, staffing boards, politics, and other skills workforce executives need to operate effectively in complex environments.
This year-long training provides the knowledge, tools and peer-to-peer learning needed to thrive in uncertainty and to fulfill your role as a regional leader, a steward of public resources, and an effective workforce development professional.
Hear Boot Camp graduates discuss each of the core skills that provide an “executive edge” leading to state-of-the-art high performance workforce programs. Feel free to join anytime during the pre-conference session.
Meeting of the Minds in Monterey – Hunting Genius
Pre-Conference Session

DATE: September 4, 2018
TIME: 10:00 AM – 11:30AM 
LOCATION: Los Angeles Room, Marriott Hotel
MODERATORS: Tim Aldinger, Director of Workforce Development Services
Foundation for California Community Colleges
Bob Lanter, Executive Director, California Workforce Association
PRESENTERS: 2017-18 Bootcamp Participants

Cheren Lee Payne
AJCC Operations
Los Angeles County
Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services


Modernize & Humanize Workforce Development Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Customer-Centered Approach to Creating Better, More Modern Surveys

Vision & Objective:

An integral part of the vision of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is that local workforce systems provide excellent customer service and focus on continuous improvement. Centers are to be customer-focused, placing job seekers and businesses at the forefront of the workforce development system. Designing Customer Satisfaction Surveys using a human-centered approach is key in informing the direction of continuous quality improvement. It is essential to factor in human elements and customer experience from the first step, while ensuring the delivery and collection methods meet the standards of our modern age.

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Cherylynn Sara Hoff, M.A.
Workforce Development Strategic Partnerships
Los Angeles County
Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services



Vision & Objective:



Dianne Russell-Carter
Executive Director
Foothill Workforce Development Board (FWDB)
FWDB serves the communities of Pasadena, Arcadia, Duarte, Monrovia, Sierra Madre and South Pasadena


A Workforce Development Professional Executive Management Level Leadership Skills Self-Assessment

Vision & Objective:

I have been at an executive management level for much of my 30 years workforce development career.  Now I am at the level of Executive Director and find myself in need of using ALL the skills I have gained over the years. For some of the skill sets, I am right on point. For others, I have a ways to go. I have always been a lifetime student looking to learn from reading, watching, discussing and emulating.  However, now because of the responsibilities at my current level, I have to take a serious look at where I need to come up to speed, include, pay attention to, etc.  This important to me because when you are able to take a lead role in an effort that can have an such an impact on society, you have to take it serious.

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JP Elma


YouthSource Pop-Ups

Vision & Objective:

To explore strategies and program framework for an area where boundaries of gang territory is a problem. The capstone will address the following questions:

  • How do we get services to those in need?
  • How will those in need know about the services?

Read JP’s Complete Capstone Project

Julia Olson
Youth Programs Coordinator
City of Long Beach
Pacific Gateway


To create a program that supports participants who are at-risk of dropping out of school, in graduating or receiving their high school equivalency, and avoiding engaging or re-engaging with the justice system. The City of Long Beach will promote and support meaningful career exposure in the fields of justice and emergency services that encourages participants to complete their academic program and not become justice-involved so that they can enter these career fields.

Read Julia’s Complete Capstone Project

Julie Davis-Jaffe
Workforce Development Manager
SETA/Sacramento Works


Career Opportunities for The Homeless

The Issue:

Sacramento City and County are experiencing a high number of unemployed homeless individuals.   

Why Capstone Project:

This project is an opportunity to build collaboration and leverage resources between Sacramento Works America’s Job Centers of California, community based organizations, homeless advocacy groups, and public-private sector businesses.  The goal is to provide wrap around services to assist homeless individuals with employment opportunities and lead them to self-sufficiency. By working together, we will strive to reduce the number of homeless individuals in Sacramento County. 

Read Julie’s Complete Capstone Project

Katy Chevalier
Program Manager | Employment Services
County of Santa Cruz, Human Services Department 


Improving employment outcomes for individuals with significant barriers through an introduction of a goal setting framework, to develop stronger executive functioning skills and core adult capabilities.  


People who have multiple barriers (i.e. health issues, instability, hunger, poverty, stress, abuse, trauma) have limited EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING SKILLS, which impacts their ability to problem solve, plan, prioritize, organize, take initiative, stay motivated, and have self-control.  Thus, this impacts their ability to be functional and successful in employment and other life areas.  This describes many of the clients we work with.

Read Katy’s Complete Capstone Project

Traci Holt
Executive Director
Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc.

Kristine Farrell
Program Manager
Business and Career Network
Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc.
Butte, Lassen, Modoc, Nevada, Plumas, Sierra


Workforce Development in Rural Communities
Overcoming Service Delivery Challenges


How to provide workforce development services with limited resources, both human and financial, in rural areas. Developing an effective service delivery model for communities, while ensuring they are not abandoned or receiving less than adequate services.  

Read Traci & Kristine’s Complete Capstone Project

Luz Flores 
Workforce Development Manager, Executive Director

Anaheim Workforce Development Board


Taking The Board To The Next Level


As a new Executive Director to an established Workforce Board, the challenge was leading an organization and engaging the members to the next level.  Stepping away from the “weeds” was a true testament of the shift in roles, as there is a significant historical perspective and demand that had evolved over 20 years. I would like to embark with the Anaheim Workforce Development Board by elevating the tenure members to the next level.

Read Luz’s Complete Capstone Project

Manuel Ruiz, MPP
Legislative and Policy  Manager
Los Angeles County
Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services


From Static to Strategic: A Case Study of the Los Angeles County Workforce Development Board


In October of 2015, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (BOS) replaced the 45-member Workforce Investment Board (WIB) with a new 21-member Workforce Development Board (WDB) to assist the BOS in the local implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), successor to the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Over the course of the next two years, the newly appointed WDB reinvigorated the County’s workforce system with fresh energy and ideas, but faced various structural challenges that hindered its ability to think “big-picture” and develop policies that would effectuate positive, system-wide change in the local area.

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Maritza Dubie-Uribe
Regional Manager
Youth Workforce Development
Angeles County
Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services 

The Challenge:

Reduce the countywide gap of youth disconnection for AB12 foster youth (ages 18-21)

The Plan:

Host Office Hours on Location  @ Edwardd D. Edelman Children’s Court to: Raise Workforce Awareness, Connect & Engage.

Read Maritza’s Complete Capstone Project

Rhonda Boykin, SSA
Assistant Director
Alameda County Workforce Development Board 


Integrating SNAP E&T Program through Partnership and Collaboration between Workforce Systems and Social Services

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) encourages partnerships between the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training (SNAP E&T) program and the workforce system. This partnership could expand services and assist SNAP participants in building their skills and attaining gainful employment towards a path of self-sufficiency.  This capstone project outlines strategies for Alameda County’s Workforce Development Board (ACWDB) and Social Services Agency (ACSSA) to partner and collaborate in order to integrate SNAP E&T into the workforce system. 

Read Rhonda’s Complete Capstone Project

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