With just 33 days till Meeting of the Minds in Monterey leadership conference kicks off – we have some amazing updates to the conference plenaries and sessions. Get the latest program update here: 


Meeting of the Minds in Monterey

September 4 – 6, 2018

Monterey Marriott Hotel


Amazon’s Alexa learns new skills every day. It took just 97 days for the Alexa skill set to rise from 25,000 to 30,000, and 5,000 new skills are added every 100 days. Don’t we need to keep up with the bots?

LG’s OLED TVs now come with artificial intelligence (AI) responding to voice commands not only relating to your TV but also capable of controlling your smart thermostat, security system, lighting and even opening your garage door. Don’t we need to figure out how to harness AI to help educate and train our workforce?

The future of work is here now. The question is: how can we put our “minds” and hearts together and figure out the best way to respond that will address the negative aspects of these disruptors. That first step will occur at Meeting of the Minds. Make the choice…get approval, and join us in Monterey.

Hunting Genius will highlight both external innovations and disruptions that we might emulate, as well as internal developments that are moving us in unexpected and novel directions. Join us as we harness our collective genius to transform our systems and revel in the collective success we are already having.

Don’t miss out on three days of amazing sessions including 10 Preconference Sessions, 5 plenary sessions, 4 mini-plenaries, 60 workshops, a reception, dinner on the beach and other networking events available to all attendees.


MMM 2018 – Conference Program Updates

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