If you are interested in future boot camp or other leadership capacity building opportunities, please reach out to:

Matt Hidalgo at mhidalgo@calworkforce.org

Matthew Hayes at mhayes@calworkforce.org

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California Workforce Association – Executive Bootcamp

CWA’s Executive Boot Camp helps executive staff hone their skills to become even more effective leaders. Boot Camp addresses leadership development, partnership building, business engagement, labor market dynamics, staffing boards, politics, and other skills workforce executives need to operate effectively in complex environments.
This year-long training provides the knowledge, tools and peer-to-peer learning needed to thrive in uncertainty and to fulfill your role as a regional leader, a steward of public resources, and an effective workforce development professional.
Hear Boot Camp graduates discuss each of the core skills that provide an “executive edge” leading to state-of-the-art high performance workforce programs. Feel free to join anytime during the pre-conference session.
Meeting of the Minds in Monterey 
Pre-Conference Session

Session Information: TBA

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