MMM Conference 2019

About the Conference

Meeting of the Minds in Monterey 2019

September 3-5, 2019
Monterey Marriott Hotel & Monterey Convention Center


For over 20 years, CWA has brought together an impromptu think tank of individuals from across the broad spectrum of workforce and economic development and education to consider “outside” points of view. The intent is to draw lessons from other disciplines and from the cutting edge of business to help us create better outcomes and more impact.
Think of Meeting of the Minds as an opportunity to consider parallel solutions to those digital breakthroughs that have transformed and disrupted our world. How could we make life easier for both ourselves and our clients, customers and students? What solutions are right in front of us that we may be overlooking? And, what better place to think through how we harness our collective genius than at Meeting of the Minds!
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