Thank you for joining us on MMM 2019. Please see below for the workshop presentations:

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Preconference Sessions

Strategy to Reality: Building a work-based learning educational partnership with the California State University (CSU)
Are You Ready to Grow and Expand your Funding Streams
Built for Everybody How can we ensure Registered Apprenticeships are Inclusive of People with Disabilities
Must Practices for Work Based Learning – Intentional Strategies from John Wayne and Tupac
Your Perfect Pairing-Building 21st Century Apprenticeships with DAS and DOL
Using Virtual Reality for Workforce Training
The Unseen Problem of Underemployment and the Gig Economy
Meet and Greet: Local Workforce Development Board Members

Opening Plenary

Preparing for the Workforce of the Future

Workshops: Round One

New Apprenticeships and Pre-Apprenticeship Models in the Bay Area Public Utilities Industry What’s Working and Why
Adaptability and Resilience- The New Model of Employment
2030 – The Workplace Revolution
Building Transformational Partnerships Between Workforce Development & Community Corrections
Journey to a More Strategic and Engaged Board
High Road Construction Careers: Building a Statewide System of Multi-Craft Pre-Apprenticeship
Building Social Enterprise Capacity and Leveraging Community Engagement
Stop Fighting & Start Collaborating – Cross Sector Partnerships That Increase Impact and Efficiency

The Executive Edge: Round I
Leveraging Technology to Drive Regional Collaboration
Engaging Influencers in the Success of Out-of-School Youth:, Turning Strategy into Reality
Transforming Data into Actionable Information

Afternoon Plenary

Workforce Strategy from a Federal Perspective

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Morning Plenary

A Workforce Development System for All

Workshops: Round Two

Generation Z, Post Millennial: Tapping into the Power of History’s Largest Generation
Marijuana Legalization and its effects on employers
Women Leading Workforce Development
Accelerating Reintegration and Improving Access for Ex-Offenders
The Future of Work Department
Mission Measurement in Workforce Development Using Data to Manage Towards Key Employment Outcomes
Bridging the World of Disability and Workforce From Plan to Reality
The Executive Edge: Round II

Afternoon Plenary

Navigating the Perfect Storm

Workshops: Round Three

LinkedIn and the Future of California Workforce Development
Lessons Learned from Other States about how to Operate Streamlined and Effective American Job Centers (AJCs) Findings from USDOL’s National AJC Study
The Swiss Connection 2: From Concept to Implementation on Youth Apprenticeship
What Happens in Vegas…Help Your Region Get Certified as an ACT Work Ready Community
CalFresh Employment & Training Workforce Partnerships and Collaboration in Practice
A Roadmap from State Prison to Employment
Partnerships that Work for Re-Entry
High-Impact Community Engagement through New Virtual Services
Building Strong Partners through our Local Partnership Agreement for Intellectual Disability Development Disabilities (ID DD) Population
The National External Diploma Program in San Bernardino County
Workforce Development Apprenticeship Program
Monterey Bay Career Connect-Bringing regional collaboration for college & career readiness resources into realit

Workshops: Round Four

Growth of the Aging Workforce – Managing Challenges and Opportunities
The Map to Success: Strategic Integration of Geospatial and Business Intelligence Analytics to Guide Policy and Operations
Advocacy at All Levels
Your Success is OUR Success Changed Mindsets and Practical Steps in Developing Inter-Agency Workforce Development Synergy
The Future of Work Department
Supporting Veterans as they Transition to Civilian Employment
Executive Edge: Round III
Empowering Lives Through Community Partnerships and Vocational Training
Integrated Financial Coach

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Mini-Plenary Sessions

36 Million and Counting…Turning a National Problem into a Regional Initiative
Can we bring the strategy of work-based learning for all into reality? A mini plenary in 3 acts: Earning, Burning and Learning.
Strategy, Reality, and Equity: Looking Critically At Turning Thinking Into Doing
Regional Plan Implementation and High Road Training Partnerships

Concurrent Workshops: Round Five

Connecting with Local Adult Education Agency for Program and Participant Success
The Power of Collaboration Behind, through and beyond the gate
Workforce Accelerator Program for People Experiencing Homelessness
Strategic Co-Enrollment: Practices that Align Service Delivery Under WIOA
Not Your Grandfathers Strategic Plan
Designing for Continuous Improvement The Evolution of a Successful Training Cohort
Connecting Regional Strategies to Local Program Design and Delivery Perioperative Specialty Registered Nurse Training Pilot Project
Future Focus: Reinventing the Workforce in the Capital Region
Workforce System Partner Summit

Closing Plenary

You Are Wasting Your Time



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