Thank you for joining us on WORKCON 2019. Please see below for the workshop presentations:

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Preconference Sessions

The Barrier Buster: New, Faster and More Powerful Ways to Eliminate Barriers to Employment!

Grant Writing: How to Give Yourself a Fighting Chance

Courtroom to Breakroom: Secrets to Employment for Clients with Criminal Convictions

Serving Customers with Disabilities

Special Forum on Rural Issues 

Data Walk

Opening Plenary

The Economic Graph: Significant Trends Relevant to Learning and Employment

Concurrent Workshops: Round One

A Different Look at Recidivism and What We Can Do About It

A New Playbook? Workforce Development in a Full Employment Economy

Creating a Marketing & Communications Plan That You Can Start Tomorrow

MOU: From Concept to Reality Through Shared Success

Mind the Soft Skills Gap: Are We Focusing on Employers’ True Needs?

LAUNCH: Beyond the California Apprenticeship Initiative

Amplify Your Employer Relationships with Dynamic Data

Seeing Yourself in Tech

Employee Disability Disclosure: Should I, or Shouldn’t I?

The Orange County Local Partnership Agreement Community Programming Efforts

Afternoon Plenary

State of the Workforce

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Morning Plenary

Strengthening your Curiosity Muscle

Concurrent Workshops: Round Two

Integrating Case Managers as Part of a High Performing Business Engagement Team

E-Learning Training Solutions for the Modern Jobseeker

Project HIRRE: Using Technology to Create a Participant-Centric, Integrated Workforce, Education, and Social Services System

Career Pathways 180: A Strategic Approach to Serving Adults on Parole

Beyond Jobs: Elevating and Supporting Irregular Employment

Partnering with Purpose

Workforce Boards: Building a Culture of Innovation

Inspiring Generation Z and Preparing Government Agencies for the Future Public Sector Workforce

Employer Fears and Misconceptions

Move that DigiBUS! A Creative Rapid Response Collaboration

Using the Good Jobs, Good Business Toolkit to Meet Small Business Workforce Development Needs

Concurrent Workshops: Round Three

LinkedIn Learning: The Easy Way to Upgrade the Skills of Your Customers

Extreme Employer Engagement: Hiring Chambers of Commerce to Deliver WIOA Business Services

Using Technology to Automate Lead Generation for Workforce and Education Campaigns

SNAP Employment and Training: Understanding the Opportunity, the Model and How to Get Started

Data Driven Program Management

Incumbent Worker Training: Helping Regional Businesses Compete and Thrive

Creating a Skills-for-California Network

Honey, We Forgot the Kids! Addressing the Near Complete Absence of Youth in Regional Plans

STEPS Youth and STEPS Connections: Developing Innovative Solutions to Effectively Serve Reentry Youth

Lessons from a High-Profile Regional Workforce Initiative

Concurrent Workshops: Round Four

Why Don’t They Show Up?

Learn by Texting: Improve Training Outcomes with Text Messaging

Integrating Re-entry Services in Career Center Operations

More Walk, Less Talk: Creating a Culture of Accountability

Innovative Strategies for Priority Populations Using Adult Ed: Changing Lives Forever

Careers that Build Communities: Creating Sustainable Construction Career Pathway Models

Getting Curious About Branding

Not Your Grandfather’s Strategic Plan: Strategic Doing™

Navigating the Legal Quagmire of Fiscal Agency in an RPU Setting

Curiosity Is Your Super Power

Mini-Plenary Sessions


Supplemental 1

Supplemental 2

Supplemental 3




Friday, May 17, 2019

Morning Plenary

Applied Improv

Concurrent Workshops: Round Five

Using Technology and Digital Badges to De-Risk Non-Traditional Hires

The 21st Century Workforce: Using Apprenticeship for Pipeline Development

Using Labor Market Research to Promote the Resilience of Retail Companies and Workers

Rising from Homelessness through Employment

Partnering with Your Local Child Support Agency: Building a Successful Collaboration

JOBS Work: An Innovative Private-Nonprofit Partnership that Helps Communities Thrive

Curiosity from the Inside Out: The Power of Listening

Closing Plenary

Thinking on your Feet



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