• Leadership development
  • Change management
  • Instructional design
  • Immersive learning design
  • Performance Consulting
  • Soft skills training
  • Marketing services
  • Sector strategy
  • Program assessment and evaluation

The mission of Applied Learning Science is to implement workforce development solutions that ready all employees to fully meet the evolving demands of dynamic industries. We assist organizations in designing and executing learning and development solutions through a comprehensive, scientifically validated approach that increases workforce capacity at the lowest possible cost. We accomplish this by developing strategic partnerships with training vendors and academic institutions in collaboration with industry constituents. Additionally, we facilitate change management to drive the adaptation necessary for organizations to accomplish their mission in evolving new environments, which is expected to be a major success factor in the post-COVID era.

We partner with an organization’s leadership to design and execute highly contextualized solutions that drive and sustain lasting change. Our expertise is defined by deep engagement with Industry, Education, Labor and Workforce and Economic Development entities to streamline career pathways and assure positive student outcomes that are relevant to industry needs.

Integral to our services are assessment and evaluation solutions that measure individual and organizational effectiveness and address performance barriers. Our team of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists are highly skilled in leveraging analytical techniques to define measurement targets, gather data to assess advances in individual and organizational performance, and package the data to provide leadership with critical insights on areas of growth and key gaps.

Website: www.appliedlearningscience.com

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