Breaking Barriers to Employment Initiative Overview

Background and Overview

The Breaking Barriers to Employment Initiative is intended to supplement existing workforce and education programs by providing services to ensure the success of individuals either preparing to enter or already enrolled in workforce and education programs. The individuals with barriers to employment completing these programs should have the skills and competencies necessary to successfully enter the labor market, retain employment, and earn wages that lead to self-sufficiency, and eventually, economic security. These services must be delivered through a collaborative partnership between mission-driven, community-based organizations with experience in providing services to the target population and local workforce development boards.

Project Overview: Breaking Barriers to Employment Grant Program

The Breaking Barriers to Employment Grant Program’s aim is to provide services to target populations who are often not eligible for other state and federal programs. The list of eligible activities are inclusive, from basic education and adult education, to on-the-job training, to supportive services as well as the list of target populations.

The CWDB, in partnership with the California Workforce Association, organized and facilitated a series of stakeholder engagement meetings throughout California from February 2019 to March 2019. The purpose of the engagement was to inform key stakeholders of the Breaking Barriers to Employment’s requirements and funding opportunities, and to solicit feedback for the development of the Request for Applications and implementation of the grant program.