For nearly 20 years, FCM has been committed to the growth of workforce development boards, American Job Centers and K-12/postsecondary education organizations across the nation. Why? Because they help communities thrive! We’ve helped over 500 clients build high-performing campaigns and strategic communications tools that engage and empower job seekers, youth and employers. Check out our latest COVID-19 blog platform with tools, ebooks and thought leadership articles on how to navigate the world of communications during the pandemic. 65+ Global Awards. 500+ Customers. Full Service Agency.

Communications Experts in Workforce & Education:


  • Strategic Communications Planning
  • Market Research
  • Jobseeker, Employer & Youth Campaigns
  • COVID-19 Communications Strategies
  • Marketing Materials & Publications
  • Media Buys
  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • Mobile Applications
  • Social Media Strategies & Management
  • Advocacy
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Advertising
  • Video Production
  • Logo Designs


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