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Medlin Workforce & Reentry Solutions LLC (MWRS), located in Orange, California, was founded in 2019 by CEO/Consultant Meghan Medlin as a result of involvement with and requests from the County of Orange, and statewide reentry and workforce communities. Medlin had been working in nonprofit for nine years at the time (and over 17 years professionally) and concurrently was running the county’s re-entry partnership (OCREP) – an organization which Medlin developed from a small ad hoc group into an active, visible and successful 1,000+ member nonprofit organization. During her tenure with OCREP, Medlin was sought out by partner and county agencies, community organizations and local universities to provide training, coaching, leadership and mentoring on a wide variety of projects and topics, specializing in reentry, employment and workforce development. This led to Medlin developing MWRS to provide the same quality services to a greater amount of people.

Since inception, MWRS has provided training and consulting to nonprofits and educational institutions in various industries including education, homelessness, domestic violence, workforce development and reentry on a number of topics including community engagement, restorative justice, staffing/management, capacity building, fundraising, volunteer engagement and management and more. MWRS also provides direct service to clients in the form of job search assistance, resume writing, interview preparation and overcoming barriers to employment.

Website: www.medlinsolutions.com

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