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Pathways Consultants is a joint partnership between Kim Coulthurst and Amanda Gerrie. Together we have a combined 48 years of professional experience in the areas of workforce development, youth development and human services in the public and nonprofit sectors. Formed in 2005, Pathways Consultants is dedicated to helping organizations become high performing, responsive to change, and rooted in a commitment to continuous improvement. Pathways Consultants works at the intersection of organizational, human and program development; recognizing that all are essential for a high performing organization.

Types of Initiatives We Serve
• Adolescent/TAY Programming
• Career & Technical Education in high school and community college
• Career Development & Planning
• College and Career Readiness
• CTE Community College
• High School Career Pathways & Dual Enrollment
• Justice Involved youth and adults/Re-Entry
• One-­‐‑Stop Career Centers/America’s Job Centers/AJCC’s
• Sector Initiatives
• Workforce Development
• Youth Development
• Youth Workforce Development

Pathways Consultants works with nonprofit, government and educational organizations to improve internal capacity, develop effective programs, think strategically and develop a comprehensive plan.

Website: http://www.PathwaysConsultants.com and http://www.CareerHubUS.com

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